Gold Mine 50/50 - How to Play

1) Cheque or cash: Put the cheque or bill in the small envelope available at a vendor's counter (see vendor list) with the required information on it and put it in the Rotary Gold Mine 50/50 box. Or, mail a cheque to PO Box 551, Middleton, NS  B0S 1P0  Make sure to include all the info asked for and please print clearly. 

2) Toonies: Write your registration number clearly on the yellow sticker, stick it on the toonie, and deposit it into the Rotary Gold Mine box.  

Please Note:

Registration cards are available at each vendor location or from a Rotarian. The winning number each week is drawn from the database of registrations, not from the toonies collected.

Your registration number(s)-- yours permanently in our database-- and the "paid up to and including date" for each is/are shown above.  If you pay after noon on Friday, your payment will be shown in next week's email.

If a registrant has not paid the toonie for a number and that number is drawn, a 'Rollover' occurs and the amount of the pot is added to the next week's pot.

All funds raised by our Club go to local charities and Rotary projects. Thank you for playing and good luck!