Paul Harris Fellows
Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded to both Rotarians and non-Rotarians to recognize significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation in honour of service to the Club or community.

The following people have been recognized with this distinction by the Rotary Club of Middleton:
1988: Paul Roop
1989: Al Peppard
1990: Norm Phinney
1993: Roy Elliott, Jim Stoddart
1994: George Fairn
1997: Graham Thompson, Ed Fry
2000: Chris Barker
2005: Rosa Harvey, Jim Balcom
2008: Lou Mestekemper
2009: Dianne Hankinson LeGard, Sandra Penny, Bruce Woodworth
2010: Bryson Crowell, Brian Neville
2011: Bonnie Johnson, Albert Johnson, Sylvester Atkinson, Dr. Katie Sloma
2013: Dianne McDonald
2014: Peter Hebb, Jim Butt, Scott Brigley, Craig O’Donnell
2015: Les Barker, Chuck Shields
2016: Michael Fairn
2017: Jamie Peppard
2019: Belle Grant-Fairn
2021: Joanna Ottow, Walt Crocker, Dr. Robert Strang, Stephen McNeil